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Meet Lisa

“As your State Representative I will fight tirelessly to support small businesses and workforce training, oppose government overreach, and defend our constitutional rights.”

- Lisa
Meet Lisa

Supporting our small businesses

Oregon’s small businesses have been hammered by Governor Brown’s mandates, our state’s high taxes, and excessive government regulations. As state representative, I will work with our small business owners to ease government restrictions, to reduce the cost of owning and operating a business, and to help our entrepreneurs grow and thrive. 

Keeping our communities safe

I support our local police officers and will be a strong advocate for fully funding law enforcement. Families should feel safe in their own neighborhoods, when they travel throughout the community, or visit other areas of the state. I will always stand up for our brave men and women in uniform and uphold the rule of law.

Reducing congestion

Clackamas County faces some of the worst congestion in the state. Businesses are having a difficult time moving freight and commute times are soaring. I will address this issue head on by advocating for improved transit options and increasing road capacity so we can keep our community moving. I will also SAY NO to TOLLING on our local highways.

Investing in our workforce

Access to a trained and educated workforce is essential to a thriving private sector. It’s also critical to helping individuals advance in their careers and earn higher wages and stable employment. As a former Executive Director/Dean of Clackamas Community College, I understand the impact a quality education can have on an individual's life. We can and should be doing more to invest in career and technical education programs to support our employers, make higher education more affordable, and help Oregonians achieve their full potential.

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